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Labor and Birth Package $1400

Discounts available for Home Births, LGBTQ+, Military members, and First Responders.

Package includes text/call support from hire and on-call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks!

2 Prenatal meetings for you to learn more about us and each other through this excited time in your life. We will do some educational support and help go through your options on how you would like to be supported.  

Attendance for your labor and birth whether you plan on birthing at home or a hospital.

1 Postpartum visit within the first week after birth to debrief your experience, connecting your with other recourses, and helping around the home.

We believe that everyone who wants a doula should have the option to have one! If you are interested but are worried about finances please reach out and we will work out a price that will work for both parties.   

Proud Parents


Postpartum is forever but the first 12 weeks are where you start to learn what type of parent you want to be. You also learn that when people say it takes a village it REALLY does! Little Bird is ready to help be apart of that village offering emotional, household, food prep, sleep, feeding, and newborn care support. We require a 2 hours minimum for daytime, and 8 hours for overnight support. $30-$35 per hour

Meal Planning 

Julia has a background in food and it is one of her biggest love languages! Julia offers a grocery store trip, 4 hours of food prep and storage to make your meals and snacks for one week. She works with all food allergies and dietary restrictions to make sure you have one less thing to worry about. $150+ the cost of ingredients. 

WTF Am I Doing?! $250

You thought you had the whole new baby thing down, but now you are home and are feeling a bit lost. Not to worry, Little Bird is happy to come over for a 4 hour crash course in your baby in the comfort of your own home. From feeding, baby wearing, naps, and bath time, to seeing how to use your baby gadgets and getting a bedtime routine together so you feel confident in your new parenthood journey! Usually scheduled from 6pm-10pm

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Your placenta was the magic organ that supplied your baby with its blood, oxygen, nutrition, and hormones. Once your placenta leaves your body you no longer have that supply of vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

After birth you experience the baby blues for a 2 week period, this is the largest drop in hormones your body experience in your life. Bigger than puberty and menopause. Choosing to encapsulate your placenta can help aid in shortening and bringing down the intensity of this experience. Folks also report reduction in postpartum bleeding, increased energy and milk supply, balanced hormones and mood, reduced occurrence of postpartum depression.

When you book placenta services from Little Bird you will receive a print of your placenta, cord keepsake, placenta tincture, and your encapsulated placenta. $250