Courtney - 37 Weeks


When Courtney and I met, we were about six years old. We've grown up together, been by each others sides through all the highs and lows and now we are moving through this new phase of life called parenthood together. How lucky am I to be able to watch one of my best friends grow and raise a beautiful baby, not once, but twice. Cody and Courtney are already amazing parents and I can't wait to see them grow with this new little bundle of joy. 

Every single person has a story, a background, a history. This is what makes them who they are. Courtney is a beautiful, strong independent woman and seeing her in her role as mom is one of the most inspiring things. She is a natural mother. It's been amazing the past few years watching her grow, follow her passions and create the most beautiful family with Cody. They are truly an amazing pair who work seamlessly together. Watching them raise Wyatt together always brings joy; I can't wait to see them move from a family of three to a family of four. 

When we met up to do this maternity session I knew I wanted to capture the love that not only Courtney and Cody share together, but the love that Courtney, Cody and Wyatt already have for this little baby.  You can see in the photos that this baby is already loved beyond measure. Capturing Courtney in this stage of her pregnancy was such a joy. She is beautiful--glowing and radiant as always.

Nearing the end of pregnancy is always a time filled with many different emotions. You know your new bundle of joy can arrive at any time, and the anticipation of meeting that little one is the most exciting time. Courtney, Cody and Wyatt are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new bundle as are so many others. Little one--you are so loved already! You are going to be welcomed into one of the most loving, kind and whole hearted families I know. 

Photographing this family was such a joy. It is always a pleasure to meet up with every single one of my clients and hear their stories. The day turned out beautiful and the setting was the perfect backdrop to capture this growing family.  Enjoy these photos and the love this family has for each other and this new baby. Until then, we wait for the safe, healthy arrival of baby #2.