Lacey Joy


On Thursday, July 20th, 2017 I received a phone call from your mom, Bradina. It was 5:51AM and she was having regular contractions. I packed my bag, got organized and made my way to your house. When I arrived your big brother, Josh, was eager and excited when he answered the door. Your momma looked like a goddess while on the birth ball rocking her way through her contractions. It was 6:48AM when I arrived. Your daddy, James, came home from work at about 7:15AM. He was exhausted from a long day/night of work, but you could see the excitement in his eyes...they were sparkling. 

Bradina's contractions were now about 4 minutes apart, lasting for approximately 1 minute. They were getting more intense with each rush, and we decided it was time for us to make our way to the hospital once the childcare for your big brother and sister had been organized. Big sister, Gemma, woke up shortly after Daddy got home and your big brother and daddy got her ready for the day. Your momma was busy organizing socks and everyones bags to help distract herself through the contractions but they were becoming very intense, very quickly.

Your momma and I hopped in my car once I called the Maternity ward, and we made our way to the hospital while your daddy and siblings went to meet the babysitter.

We arrived at the hospital at about 8:15AM. Momma got checked at 8:25AM and was about 3CM dilated. Contractions were every 2-3 minutes apart. Your mom was incredible. With each breath she worked through the rush of the contraction in the most beautiful way. Bradina had the fetal monitor on for about twenty minutes to monitor you because of her previous VBAC and the closeness of the two births. You were perfectly healthy and so was mom. Your heartbeat was a comforting and entrancing sound to listen to. 

While working through each contraction your momma used the birth ball, went on hands/knees, rocked and swayed and had daddy and myself (her Doula and Birth Photographer) comfort her. We suggested hopping into the shower to help relax her back and uterus during the contractions and it did offer some relief. Your dad was such an amazing support to your mom. His jokes kept the air light in the room, and seeing your moms beautiful smile just lit up the room. They were such an amazing team together. Despite being tired, your dad remained your moms rock. It was such an honour for me to be able to witness, assist and offer comfort to the both of them during your birth. 

At about 9:56AM, the doctor arrived to check how far your mom had been progressing. She had dilated to 6CM in just over an hour. The contractions were very intense but your mom remained strong and focused the whole time. The doctor attempted to break the waters, which ended up in a little trickle of the "waters" releasing. After this happened, Bradina got out of bed after a few contractions were monitored and made her way back to the shower. The water and your daddy helped your mom work her way through these next few contractions.

Once Bradina got back into the shower she was feeling a very strong urge to push. She had about 2/3 contractions all within about a minute and the doctor was called back into the room, and the nurses got your mommy back onto the bed. We all knew you were going to make your appearance earth side very soon. Despite being in a ton of pain and doing her whole labor naturally, your mom still looked like a beautiful goddess as she worked her way through each contraction. The laughing gas offered a bit of relief to momma which was great.

At 10:50AM, the doctor came in and by the time she arrived in the room, you were starting to crown. The doctor gowned up and put her gloves on and she began to instruct your mom on when to push and what to do. Your daddy was right beside your mom, holding her hand the whole time and the nurses were awaiting your arrival. I was able to capture many beautiful shots of you emerging into this world that your momma and daddy will show you when you are a bit older. Your birth was beautiful, quick, intense and stunning. You were born at 10:58AM with just one push. You weighed 7LBS 7OZ and look just like your big sister, Gemma. You are perfect, Lacey Joy. 

Once you arrived, mommy immediately had you skin to skin. They had delayed cord clamping and daddy was able to cut the cord. The joy on his face while doing this was so heartwarming. Your mom was so strong through everything, she roared you out like a lion and it was the most spectacular thing to witness and be a part of. Your mom was a champion during the next half an hour while the doctors did some work and cleaned her up. You were skin to skin with daddy during this time and he was loving every minute of it. The nurses then weighed you and measured you and then you went right back to mommas arms and began to nurse perfectly right away. Later on in the afternoon I returned back to the hospital to take photos of your siblings meeting you for the first time. Both Joshua and Gemma are going to be amazing siblings to you. Seeing you brought the biggest smiles to both of their faces. 

I am so honoured and blessed to be able to have witnessed your birth, Lacey. Your moms strength will forever stay with me. The connection between your parents was amazing. What a beautiful birth to witness and to photograph for my first clients. I will always remember the amazing journey I witnessed of you coming earth-side. 


To Bradina, James and family. Thank you for allowing me to be your Doula and birth photographer. I can't express my gratitude enough for you choosing me to support you and comfort you during this incredibly personal and special time. Bradina, you are seriously one of the strongest women I know and you truly looked like a goddess in labor. You are incredible, Bradina. James, your support was so awesome during Bradina's labor. Watching you comfort Bradina and get to hold your baby girl in your arms was amazing. 

Welcome to the world, Lacey Joy. You are so very loved.

With all my love,

Your Doula & Photographer,

Julia XO