Emily - Maternity

A Prayer for One Who Comes to Choose This Life
by Danelia Wild
May she know the welcome
of open arms and hearts
May she know she is loved
by many and by one
May she know the circle of friendship that gives
and receives love in all its forms
May she know and be known
in the heart of another
May she know the heart
that is this earth
reach for the stars and
call it home
And in the end
may she find everything
in her heart
and her heart
in everything.

Emily - Maternity-5963.jpg

A few weeks ago this beautiful momma to be and I made our way to Inland Lake to do her maternity session. She braved the cold, pouring rain and powerfully and beautifully stood in front of my camera with not much more than a scarf to cover her up.

For Emily’s maternity session I really wanted to capture the pregnant body in it’s natural beauty. Where we live is world renowned for our magnificent forests and foliage, so of course it only made sense to go somewhere lush, green and full of life to do this session. To be pregnant really embodies womanhood. There is nothing as miraculous and beautiful than being able to carry life inside of us. Watching Emily grow through this pregnancy has been such a joy. She truly is stunning inside and out.

Emily you are going to be an amazing mother. You have such a kind and generous heart and your smile lights up the room. You have a peaceful energy about you, and you truly radiate joy. Your little one is so lucky to have a momma like you. There are so many people who cannot wait to meet that little baby growing inside of you.

Here’s some images from this gorgeous gallery.