Welcome Layne

“Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman

Layne - Birth-6835.jpg

In the early hours of the morning, on October 15th, 2018 I followed Christine and Jake into the hospital to document the birth of their son. They entered those doors as a family of three, to return out of them as a beautiful family of four. The sun had not yet risen, and Christine and Jake made their way into the maternity ward to a beautiful room facing the ocean. Although there was so much fog we were unable to see the ocean, the sunrise that we witnessed was absolutely gorgeous.

This day had been eagerly awaited not only for Jake and Christine and their family, but I was so excited to be able to capture one of my longest dearest friends baby enter this world. Christine was scheduled for a cesarean section that morning, however; due to a few complications the birth was postponed until the afternoon.

As we waited in the hospital, her husband and her laughed, cracked jokes, napped and wore the most hilarious OR gown for dads I have seen to date. I braided Christines hair, captured those last few minutes of her and that beautiful growing belly and captured them entering the OR about to meet their beautiful new baby.

What a calm, peaceful and happy atmosphere that surrounded this couple that day. The love between the two of them is so pure and tender. Each of them has a laugh that is so contagious and they both complement each other so well. Watching Jake hold Christine in his arms as she took a much needed rest in the room was so heartwarming. The way that Christine looks at Jake with so much love in her eyes is something that so many couples long for.

This family welcomed this rainbow baby into the world with so much love, happiness and joy. Layne, you are surrounded by so many people who love you. You will grow up with the best big brother in the world who I know will teach you all the important things, and you have a momma and a daddy who love you more than words. You are such a sweet little boy. I am beyond grateful that I was able to be there as you entered this world. Those first few moments of capturing you on your mommas chest will forever live in my heart.

Christine and Jake - thank you for having me be a part of Layne’s entrance to the world. What a beautiful honour it was. I am forever grateful that I was able to document these moments for you, and to have these beautiful memories. You have created a beautiful family and I wish you all so much happiness and love in the world. May you always remember the love you share, and the beautiful family you have created. You are incredible parents, and incredible people. I am blessed to call you both friends.

Layne Alexander, you are so incredibly loved. Welcome earth-side baby boy.


All my love,