Holly - 36 Weeks

"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty." - unknown

Holly's In-Home Maternity Session 

I had the pleasure of doing an in home maternity session for Holly the other day. Holly is such a special person. She radiates joy and is genuinely one of the most caring people I've met. Our first babes are 3 days apart and since then we've become very close. I was absolutely ecstatic when she told me that they were expecting number two because that meant that all four of our babies would get to grow up together. 

It was a perfect sunny winter day with fresh snow on the ground. I was so excited to do the maternity session in Holly and Jordy's home and so excited to have little Macyn there with Holly and I. Macyn was an absolute ham and Holly was absolutely stunning as per usual. Her growing belly is perfect statement of the beauty of pregnancy and we all cannot wait to meet that little babe she is growing inside her. 

Here's some of the photos from this lovely session. It was an all around perfect morning in their home and I hope you enjoy this beautiful mama to be. 

Holly, Jordy & Macyn - you are such a wonderful family and I cannot wait to see you guys bring home another new babe. You're amazing parents, wonderful people and I'm so lucky to be able to photograph this journey with you guys. Pregnancy is never easy, but holly you do it with grace and you make it look easy. Thank you for always being hilarious and adding light to my day. This little baby is going to be surrounded by so so much love.

Little bean #2 we cannot wait to meet you!