Jenna - Postpartum Session

I am so happy to now be offering Postpartum Lifestyle Sessions to clients. These sessions do not have to be done immediately postpartum but can be done whenever you would like. Often times these days fly by and seem to be a bit of blur. I want to be able to capture these special moments between you and your new baby/family so that you can cherish these memories forever. They only stay little for a short while and it's important to decorate your home with the images of the people you love most. 


On February 22, I was welcomed into the home of Jenna and Chris to do a postpartum session of their 11 day new baby boy, Jameson. He was an absolute sweetheart the entire time! Jenna was beautiful and she was absolutely beaming and radiating in her new role of mother. It's always so enjoyable to be invited into someones home and feel the love radiating within the home. It was an effortless session of me capturing Jenna and Jameson moving through their daily tasks of diaper changes, breastfeeding, admiring each other and of course having a cup of coffee warmed up ;) We all know the daily struggle of our drinks always going cold! 

Here's a little look into Jenna and Jamesons session. Enjoy the beautiful bond captured between a mother and her brand new baby.

Adjusting into motherhood can be a beautiful transition for some, and a bit of a challenge for others. The highs, lows, emotions and everything else you must learn to adjust and adapt to can be very overwhelming to some. Regardless of your journey, remember you aren't alone and that you are enough.