Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Birth Photography is an Investment

Why Hire A Birth Photographer?

Did you pay someone to capture your wedding and all the details from that day? What about your engagement, or perhaps your pregnancy? Maybe you paid to have newborn studio portraits done or a family session done. These are all huge milestones that we pay photographers to capture so we have them forever. But what about the biggest day of your life and your children's life: their birth. 

Birth is a vulnerable, beautiful, sacred, normal, natural, intense experience. Everyone will experience it differently and their birth story is uniquely their own. Every Birth has a story. We all want to know about the day we were born. Birth photography captures that story, from the first moments of labor to the first few hours of your baby’s life. I am a Birth photographer not only because I am in awe at the beauty of Birth, but because I am a story teller and I long for everyone to be able to share that story with their family, their children and grandchildren. 

Moms and dads are obviously very preoccupied and focused during Birth. Why not hire a Birth photographer to capture one of the biggest days in your life while you can focus on bringing your baby earth side. Being there to photograph the birth of your child is an honour, and a privilege. I never take this job for granted and I truly love what I do.

I hear often that "birth photography is so expensive" or "I'm not sure we can afford it" well here's the beauty of my own personal business: I want to work with you and I will try to work within your budget. If birth photography is something you want let's chat and we will make a plan. Remember, its an investment and you're paying for quality images and reliable work.

So often I hear of moms telling me that their husbands or significant other isn’t keen on the idea of Birth photography, so that's why they don't do it. I get that. I understand it isn’t for everyone; however, 100% of my (Dad) clients who were a bit hesitant have come back to me and said that they will cherish those photographs forever and they wished I had been there for the birth of their first or other children. When a mother sees photos of herself bringing her baby earth side and the vast amount of strength, resilience and power she has I guarantee you it will evoke all the emotions. 

My job isn’t to intrude, it’s to silently and quietly be there to capture the story of your child’s birth. You can’t reenact the first look of siblings meeting their new brother or sister. You can’t reenact the strength, force, beauty and power of a woman in labor. You can’t reenact those first moments of Dad holding his little girl or little boy in his arms with that tear streaming down his face. And you definitely cannot reenact the moment your baby enters this world earth-side. There is just something about Birth that is so raw and so real that DESERVES to be captured in photographs. 

So why hire a Birth photographer?

Because you deserve it. Because your children deserve to be able to see their Birth play out, because of the story, the rawness, the love, the intensity, the realness, the force, the strength, the connection, the sentiment. Because it’s one of the biggest days of your life and believe me, you’re going to wish you had those photos to look back on.