Holly - Henna Maternity

Chant of the Pregnant Goddess
by Jana McCarthy

I am the mother of the moon
sister of the stars
child of the light in your eyes.
I am powerful.
The geometry of my shape shifts
from gently curved lines
to expanding circles:
earth, moon, sun.
I am powerful.
I am strong.
The tempo of my vibration quickens,
increasing from
butterfly wings, to floundering fish,
to beating drum,
erupting volcano,
the rhythm as old and constant as
the cycles of the sun
and the turn of the tides.

I am powerful.
I am strong.
I am beautiful.

I hold the hope of my ancestors
the knowledge of my time
the fate of my future.

I am powerful.
I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am mother.


A few weeks ago I joined Holly at her home and covered her beautiful pregnant belly with Henna. She chose a flower design and it turned out beautiful. It was quite fitting really, as Holly is about to blossom into this new role as a mother of two. She is beaming, beautiful and bright. We then did a little maternity session out at the beach and in the forest in the most beautiful early spring day. Here's a little sneak peek of the session below. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you little baby. You are going to be surrounded by so much love. 

Holly, as you enter into this new journey I send love your way. May you be fearless as you enter your birth. May you be reminded of the beautiful transition you are about to embark on. May you be strong, feel beautiful and feel loved. You are such an amazing momma already, I cannot wait to watch you grow into your new role as a momma of two. 

Thank you for allowing me to capture you through this beautiful pregnancy of yours. I am forever grateful.