Baby Daxtyn - Fresh 48

Welcome Earth Side Daxtyn, you are so loved. 

Daxtyn Gustafson - Fresh 48-6560.jpg

On June 8th, at around midnight I received a message from your mom saying you had arrived! I was so excited to meet you and I knew your family was overjoyed at your arrival!

We arranged to do your fresh 48 session when you arrived back home. I drove up the driveway and was welcomed into the house by your big sister and brother. Your momma was snuggling you on the couch and your daddy was busy getting a bottle organized for you in the kitchen. 

Doing fresh 48 sessions at home are so much fun. I get to see your parents in their comfortable environment, your siblings were beyond excited that you were finally here and you really can feel the love surrounding the home. We captured you snoozing on your momma in the living room, then your parents took me up to take some photos in your nursery. Your momma had painted and decorated your nursery beautifully! 

We captured some precious photos of you with each of your parents and your siblings. Your big sister and big brother were beyond excited that you were here and it is so evident in how proud they are! Your momma and you shared some precious snuggles and capturing your daddy admiring you was so beautiful. It is very clear that you have been born into a family so full of love, Daxtyn. 

Marina and Corey-- thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you. It has been so special getting to know both of you through the maternity photos and then being welcomed into your home to capture these first days of Daxtyn's life with you guys. You both are hilarious and your smiles both radiate joy. Watching you both with all of your children is so special and inspiring. I am so beyond grateful that I was able to meet you both and capture these moments for you to hopefully treasure forever. 

Daxtyn, you are born into a world of so much love. You are absolutely adorable and you are so lucky to have a big brother and sister who love you so much! The love your momma and daddy have for you is undeniable and I hope you always remember how very loved you are. 

Welcome earth side Daxtyn! 


All my love,