A Fairy Tale Maternity Session

“when it came to listening
my mother taught me silence
if you are drowning their voice with yours
how will you hear them she asked

when it came to speaking
she said do it with commitment
every word you say
is your own responsibility

when it came to being
she said be tender and tough at once
you need to be vulnerable to live fully
but rough enough to survive it all

when it came to choosing
she asked me to be thankful
for the choices i had that
she never had the privilege of making
- lessons from mumma”

- Rupi Kaur


Victoria - A Fairy Tale Maternity Session

Victoria Maternity (2 of 18).jpg

I frequently hike the Rogers Roost trail and when I was a teenager it was a place of solace for me. I used to run there and back almost every single day to clear my head and just be in nature. When we moved to the city it was one of those places that I missed the most. I hiked it with my family a few months ago and the lighting was absolutely stunning. I remember looking into the trees where the light was sparkling on the leaves and knowing that I had to do a maternity session there. 

Lucky for me, I seem to have a lot of pregnant friends these days so I knew on of them would hopefully be game to have a photoshoot in the middle of the forest. Victoria was an absolute trooper, she walked the entire trail there and back in wedges.... very pregnant and didn't complain once. These photos turned out better then I could've imaged. Talk about pregnant fairy tale princess. I'm just in love.

Here's some for you to enjoy. Give this fairy princess some love.