Ash - A Birth Story

"In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves."

- Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Ash Auger - Birth-9699.jpg

There really is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the miracle of life before your eyes. In the early hours of the morning on July 4th, I was able to witness that miracle once again.

Ash, this is your birth story.

On the morning of July 3rd I received a text from your momma saying her water had broke. I was out driving and running errands so I called her and then headed home to get my things ready to go at a moments notice. The day went on and your momma had given me updates but still no contractions. We chatted in the evening and your momma was going to lay down and try to sleep. 

At around 3:30AM I received a text message from your mom saying that she was having regular contractions. I got dressed had a snack and headed off to your house. I met the midwife at the house and we both headed inside. We were welcomed inside to your daddy (with a GoPro on his head) tidying up the kitchen and making everyone tea. The birth pool was being filled up and your momma was sitting on the couch with your grandma breathing her way through her contractions. Your momma went upstairs to be checked by the midwife and we had a listen to your strong heartbeat. I love that rhythmic sound--there is something so peaceful and grounding to it. The atmosphere was calm, happy and filled with such good energy.

Your momma was amazing. She rocked and swayed through each contraction and your daddy was busy cracking jokes in the kitchen. Your mom transitioned herself into the bathroom for a bit of privacy and things began to get much more intense. Before we knew it, your head was out! The midwife and your daddy came into the bathroom and you were born into your daddy's hands. It was beautiful, fast, intense and amazing.

You were born covered in a ton of vernix (or as I like to call it, birthday frosting). Your daddy passed you through to your mommas hands and she went into the living room to soak you all in. Everything just continued on as normal, and that is what I absolutely love about home birth. You did your first feed and your mom and dad each enjoyed some skin to skin with you and I prepared the herbal bath, since your momma didn't even have a chance to hop into the birth pool. 

The sun began to rise and your momma got into the warm pool with you. It was such a beautiful morning. The view from your parents deck was stunning. The sun was rising and there was a beautiful warm glow in the house. The mountains and the ocean were picture perfect. Your siblings both came upstairs to meet you and the house truly was filled with so much love.

Kaila and Scott - I am forever grateful that you invited me into such an intimate space with you both. It has been my absolute pleasure being your doula and photographer and I am so thankful that I was able to be there for Ash's birth. Meeting you guys has been wonderful and you both truly are amazing parents, and both equally hilarious. 

Kaila, you're incredible to witness in labor. You are so strong and so calm and the way you know  and trust your body is beautiful. Your children as truly blessed to have a mother like you. Your smile truly radiates across the room and you have such a kind heart. Scott, you are hilarious. Your presence lights up a room and you truly have a kind and loving heart. Seeing you catch your son with the biggest grin on your face is something I will never forget. Your son will grow up with such a good role model.

Ash, you are surrounded by parents and siblings who love you. You will always have a protector in your big brother and sister. Seeing them look at you for the first time was such a sweet moment. You truly are surrounded with love little one. Reach for the stars little one, and never give up on your dreams. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. I am forever grateful I was there to witness you enter this world. It was a beautiful moment that will stay with me forever. 

Welcome earth side, Ash. 

You are loved beyond measure.


All my love,