The Birth of Knox

"Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime--an initiation into a new dimension of mind-body awareness"

- Ina May Gaskin

On June 13th I was witness to this beautiful transformation once again.

Knox Williams, this is your birth story.

Knox Williams-7124.jpg

On June 13th, I was out doing a maternity shoot when your mommy texted me a weekly update after she saw the doctor. I had a scheduled fresh 48 session to go to afterwards when I heard my phone buzz again five minutes later. I checked my phone and low and behold it was your momma again, letting me know her water had just broke! She was 37 weeks pregnant and you had decided you wanted to join your family earth side a little sooner then expected. 

I headed to the hospital around 8:15pm. It was a quiet evening and I was so looking forward to meeting you and supporting your mom and dad during your birth. When I arrived your mom was smiling away and laughing with your dad as she was laying on the bed. She had a contraction shortly after I arrived and watching her go within and focus on her breath was beautiful. Your daddy was telling jokes and always keeping a smile on your mommas face. After a little while, your mom and dad decided to walk around the maternity ward. She rode each wave and her breath never faltered. Walking around definitely was helping things to progress, and when we came back into the room your mom decided to rock and sway on the birth ball. She stayed here as the contractions became more intense and closer together. I braided her hair and your dad and I made sure she had nice cold water and a cool cloth on her neck. She moved back into the bed and was quietly resting in between contractions when I decided it would be a good time for me to go and pump while the doctor came in to check her. Well I had only been out in the lounge pumping for no more then five minutes when your daddy rushed out to tell me that I needed to get back in because your mommy was ready to push! I quickly put my stuff away and rushed back into the room with literally two minutes to spare as you began to crown. It seriously never ceases to amaze me how incredible the body of a woman is. You were out in a matter of seconds right onto your mommas chest where you were safe and warm. 

The way that your mom focused during each surge and followed her body instincts to breathe and rock and sway truly was beautiful. When I enter a birth space I recognize the vulnerability and intensity that women must go through. As your mommas doula I not only was there to support her and your dad, but also to capture these precious moments of your journey earth side. Being there to witness your mom was so powerful. The strength she has in truly incredible. The strength they have as a couple is incredible.

The connection between your dad and mom never faltered. Your daddy was always quick to make a joke and make your momma laugh, but also be there and present when she needed him most. The look on his face when you were born is something I will never forget. Brittny and Cole - thank you for inviting me into your birth space with you. It was an honour to be your doula and to photograph Knox's precious birth.

Brittny, you are an incredibly strong woman. Watching you in labor was beautiful. The way you moved inward and worked through each contraction is something that will stay with me forever. Your smile lights up the room and the connection you and Cole have is undeniable. You are such an amazing momma. Knox is so lucky to have a wonderful woman like to you to have as a role model in his life. These last few months working together and getting to know each other has been so special to me and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of your birth. 

Cole, you are seriously a hilarious guy. Your sense of humour is amazing and I hope you never lose it. The way you look at your little boy is so filled with love. It really has been great getting to know you these past few months. I know you are an awesome dad already and Knox is so lucky to have a dad like you. You have so much love for Brittny and it's so evident in the way you look at her, even if you are busy cracking jokes the entire time! Capturing these photos for you guys was so much fun and I'm so so thankful that you invited me into such a special and intimate time with you guys. 

Knox, your birth was so beautiful. It was peaceful, calm, normal, beautiful and just perfect. You entered this world a little early, but that just means that your family gets to love you for even longer. You are such a sweet boy, and you will always be surrounded and protected by your three big sisters. Your world is surrounded by so much love, Knox. I am so grateful that I was witness to you entering our word earth side and I'll never forget it. Never forget the love that surrounds you and I hope you reach for the stars and follow every dream you have. 

You are such a special boy, Knox. 

Welcome earth side little one. 

You are forever loved.