The Birth of Wyatt

“A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.”


Wyatt Machin - Birth-1569.jpg

Wyatt Revel,

this is your birth story.

On August 16th, early in the morning I met your mom and dad in the parking lot of the hospital. They both were beaming and excitement was radiating off of both of them. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was just coming up causing a lovely pink glow on the walls on the hospital exterior. They entered through that main door and their lives would forever be changed as they moved from a family of three, to a perfect family of four.

We made our way to the maternity ward and your mom got checked in and gowned up and they did some assessments and paperwork and then we waited as they prepared your momma to make her way down to the OR. Your dad was cracking jokes and your mom had a smile on her face pretty much the whole morning.

At around 8AM your mom and dad got up and ready to head down to the OR, your mom didn’t know, but her best friend and her best friends mom surprised her. Tears immediately streamed down her face as she was hugged by both of them and it was so evident that this visit meant the world to your momma.

I was unable to go into the OR with your mom and dad; however, their amazing midwife agreed to take photos for me while she was in there. Although I missed your birth, and it may have gone a bit different than your mom and dad initially imagined, you came into this world with a beautiful head of hair and surrounded by so much love. You snuggled with your daddy for the first little bit and then they brought you down to meet your momma and I can only imagine what a beautiful moment that was.

Wyatt Revel, the love that surrounds you is undeniable. The way that your dad and mom gaze at you is heartwarming and you have the most amazing big brother to grow up with and learn from. It was an absolute honour to be there to photograph your entrance to this world and that first hour after you were born truly was so special.

Ashley and Dan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to photograph Wyatts birth. It’s been great getting to know you and you both radiate joy and happiness. You two are exceptional parents and your kids are lucky to have parents like you. Ashley, you are beautiful and strong. Your journey of being pregnant has had its fair share of struggles but when you talk about your children and your journey the light that shines through you is truly remarkable. Capturing moments of you watching your boys and taking in every detail of your new baby has been my absolute pleasure. Dan, capturing you holding your son for the first time and the way you protected him with that warm blanket as he stayed close to your skin was such a beautiful moment. I am so thankful I was there to photograph those moments and to listen to your jokes during the morning. Thank you to the both of you for allowing me capture this beautiful transformative time for your family.

Wyatt Revel, you are surrounded by love. I hope you live a life full of laughter and are surrounded with joy everywhere you go in life. It was an honour to be there for your entrance into this world.

Welcome earth side little man,

You are so incredibly loved.