The Birth of Lana

“Birth matters and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life.”

- Anjil Aurora Hinman

Lana Birth-3166.jpg

Beautiful Lana,

this is your birth story.

On September 4th, I met your parents at the hospital early in the morning. The sun had not began to rise and the air was crisp and cool. The season was beginning to change as fall quickly was making its presence known. When I walked up to your parents they both were smiling and very eager to meet you.

We made our way up to the maternity ward and the hospital was quiet and peaceful at this early hour in the morning. They got your momma into the room and did some assessments and paperwork and your parents changed into their hospital gown and scrubs for the OR. Your big sister, cousin, auntie and grandma joined your mom and dad and it was so awesome to have them all included in this special day.

Your mom and dad were both laughing, and then would share some quiet bonding time just between the two of them. Your big sister was cuddling with mom and dad and those last moments of her as the baby are some of the most treasured memories.

At about 7:30AM your mom and dad began to get ready to head down to the OR. They said their goodbyes to the rest of the family and I followed them down to the doors of the OR. I was unable to join them, but your dad managed to take a few amazing shots off of his phone of your entrance into this world. They spent some bonding time downstairs and then you and your dad made your way back up to the maternity ward around 10AM. You were welcomed upstairs by your grandma, auntie, cousin and your very excited big sister. It had been a busy morning for your big sister but as soon as she saw you, you could see the excitement and curiosity shining through her eyes.

You snuggled against your daddy’s chest against his skin until your momma made her way up to the ward. The moment that I remember so vividly was when your mom was brought into the room and she was flooded with an overwhelming amount of emotion as she looked at you and your dad and your big sister. The love that shone through her eyes at that moment was beautiful and very emotional. A single tear streamed down her cheek at that moment and it is one of my very favourite photos from that day.

Lana, your world is filled with love. You have so many people who surround you that love and cherish you. Being there as you entered this world was an honour and I am forever grateful that your parents allowed me to take part in this beautiful day.

Carly and Alex, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into this sacred space with you two. The bond you two share is undeniable and you both have an incredible ability to light up any room you are in. The way you both love your daughters is beautiful and so incredibly special. Carly, you are such a beautiful and strong mama. You never faltered during that morning and you so naturally transition into motherhood as you hold and mother your children. Alex, you have a hilarious soul and such a big heart. The way that you love your children and Carly is beautiful.

Lana, you are going to grow up with an amazing big sister and mom and dad. The family that you have is a very special one, and I hope you always remember how loved you are. It was my pleasure to be there as you entered our world. Always reach for the stars and follow your dreams little girl.

Welcome earth-side beautiful girl,

You are so incredibly loved.