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Jaana Alexis

One of the perks of being a birth photographer is that I get to take unlimited amounts of photos of my own children. Add a newborn into that equation and I go even more photo crazy. I was so excited to get to do our own little session at home!

I had hoped to have more photos of Jaana and Jackson, but unfortunately the timing didn't work as Jackson went down for his nap shortly after I began taking photos. So that just means we'll have to do another little session. For now though, here's some photos of mommy, daddy and little miss Jaana. 


Levon Andrew

There is nothing more beautiful and empowering than witnessing a woman birth on her own terms.

Levon Andrew Austin

This is your birth story.

On the morning of December 28th, 2017 I received a text from your mom at about 8:30am saying she was having contractions every five minutes apart and that the Midwife was on her way to the house. I gathered my gear, stopped to grab your dad a Peppermint Mocha and made my way to your birth space. Your birth would be the first home birth I would get to attend--and it was so special for my last birth of 2017.

I arrived shortly after 10:00am and was warmly welcomed by your grandma at the door. Your mom and dad were on the bed working through contractions beautifully together. Your mom laid in your dads lap with each contraction and he just held her as each surge passed by. The atmosphere was so peaceful and calm, and there were so many people there who loved you. The space was dimly lit and watching your mom move and listen to her body as you made your way closer earth-side was beautiful. 

Once the Midwife and the second attendant arrived they began to set up the pool while I supported your mom and dad on the bed. Your mom rocked and swayed her hips as the contractions became stronger and more intense, and then she made her way into the birth pool. You could see on her face once she got into the pool some of the tension fade away. Your dad never left her side and your grandma was always close by comforting your mom.  The family in the room was so supportive and when I say you could feel the love in the room, I truly mean it. 

Once things became more intense your mom got up and your dad joined her into the birth pool. Watching these two together was phenomenal. Regardless of the way your mom moved, your dad followed and supported her seamlessly. They truly were together as one in these moments. 

At 2:40pm you made your appearance earth-side. You greeted the world with your beautiful big voice after a few moments and some help from the Midwife, and your voice was music to everyones ears. Your mom worked so hard to bring you here and she was incredible. Your birth was so beautiful, Levon. It was peaceful, calm, joyful and just so relaxed. The love that surrounded you in that room was overwhelming and it was beyond incredible to see your mom give birth on her own terms, in her own space and in her own way. You were immediately placed on your mom's chest and your dad had the greatest surprise: he had been told (and kept a secret) that you were a girl at the ultrasound... but to everyones surprise you were a perfect, healthy, beautiful big boy. 

Being there to witness this home birth was such a joy for me. I feel so grateful for every birth I get to attend, but this birth was extra special as I am planning my own home birth as your mom and I had due dates exactly two weeks apart. Having that extra connection with your mom as she moved through her pregnancy and labor/deliver made this birth just that much more special. It's amazing being able to support women and their families, but even more so when you are both carrying life inside of you. 

To Casey and Drew, thank you for letting me be a part of your birth space and supporting both of you through this journey. It's been incredible getting to know both of you. You both are such down to earth people and it's so evident how much you both love and care for each other and your new bundle of love. Being there to not only support you both, but capture images of you bring life into this world has been so special to me, and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Casey, thank you for showing me your strength and how incredible a home birth truly is. Your strength, peacefulness and relaxed nature is inspiring. You are already a wonderful momma and you are surrounded by so many people who love you. Drew, the way you supported Casey during this was truly amazing. The love you have for her is so evident to everyone who watches you two and I know that your son is going to grow up with such a great role model.

Levon, your world is surrounded with love. You have so many people who care for you and love you. You are going to grow up and do great things with your life. Your birth and entrance to this world was beautiful and I am so glad I was there to witness it. You are one special boy, Levon, and I can't wait to watch you grow up into the incredible person you are meant to be. 

Welcome earth-side Levon Andrew Austin.

All my love,

Your Doula & Birth Photographer,

Julia XOX