Daxin Thomas

Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes, the tiniest beings truly are the mightiest. On August 28th, 2017 I saw this truth come to life.

Daxin Thomas, here is your birth story.

On August 28th, 2017 at 5:30am I received a phone call from your momma--she was in the hospital in active labor. I packed my bag, got my camera organized and made my way to meet your parents. I arrived to the hospital at around 6:30am and the sun was just beginning to come up. It was going to be a beautiful hot summer day; a perfect day to be born on. I was walking into the hospital watching the sun come up thinking to myself how truly blessed I am to be able to capture life's most beautiful moment: birth. 

I made my way to the maternity ward and was greeted by your parents. Your momma was on the bed, calm as can be with a beautiful glow to her. Your daddy was sitting on the stool right beside your mom, excited and eagerly waiting to meet you. The room was full of calm energy and pure joy. I began to take some photos of your parents eagerly awaiting your arrival, your dad was cracking jokes all morning and at about 8:00am your moms water broke. Things were progressing and your mommy and daddy were so beyond excited to meet you. The light in the room as the sun came through was beautiful, it truly was a perfect day for you to be born. It cast a beautiful glow on both of your parents emphasizing the love they share for each other. 

Your momma was so beautiful in labor. She was calm, focused and worked through each contraction with grace. Aside from my main focus of the photography being your birth, I was continually drawn to your mommas "strength" tattoo on her wrist. I focused on it during her maternity photos too, and little did we know that the tattoo could not be more fitting for your birth, Daxin. 

At around 10:00am your momma was ready to start pushing. She was amazing and breathed through each contraction like a champion. Watching your parents work together during this time was inspiring. Your dad never left your mommas side, his hand rested on her arm, shoulders, and head continuously comforting her. They were both so amazing as they flawlessly knew what to do for each other. Your mommas strength was incredible, her epidural began to wear off and she continued to listen to her body and breathe through each contraction, knowing it meant she was closer to meeting you. She moved through each contraction finding a position that helped her through each surge...each one bringing you closer to her.

You were born at 12:30pm, and you fought hard from that moment on. You were placed on your mommas chest for a few moments until you were carefully placed into the Panda warmer so the doctors and nurses could help you. I cannot comprehend the feelings your parents were experiencing at this moment. The doctors and nurses were amazing. Seeing the love every person had for you in that room was something else. While the next few minutes were unbearably scary and stressful for your mom, dad and you, you were a fighter from the start and you were ok. 

While it is not my story to tell on how your mom and dad experienced this birth, I can tell you from my point of view: witnessing you enter this world I saw love, strength and trust. Your birth was one of the most beautiful, incredible and inspiring births I've ever attended. I saw and captured strength in all of it's form at your birth. You are welcomed earthside into the strongest family I know, Daxin. The love that your parents, siblings and grandparents have for you is endless. It's so evident in the images I was able to capture. Every single birth is a miracle, and your birth was that and so much more. 

I've never asked your mom the meaning behind her "strength" tattoo. However, I can tell you from what I witnessed you have a very strong momma and daddy. Usually when we hear the word "strong" we think of something big and tough. I was humbly reminded that often real strength comes from the tiniest beings. Daxin, you are strong and you are mighty. I am so grateful that your parents allowed me into this sacred space with them to capture your birth, it was nothing short of incredible. Watching you enter this world has made me even more appreciative of the miracle of life. Birth is nothing short of a miracle and I am so blessed I was able to witness yours. 

To Heather and Jeff, thank you for allowing me to be your birth photographer. I feel very humbled that I was welcomed into such a precious space with you guys. Heather, you are an incredible woman and you already are an amazing momma. Jeff, you have such a kind heart--it is so evident in the love you have for Heather and your kids. You two make an amazing team, and you've both brought the most adorable little boy into this world. Be proud of what you two have accomplished. You two really encompass the meaning of love and strength. This birth will forever be in my heart. I can't thank you enough for allowing me into this space with you.

Welcome earthside, Daxin Thomas. You are so incredibly loved.

With all my love, your birth photographer,



Heather - 38 Weeks


I absolutely love meeting up with my clients before they have their babies. Whether it be for a prenatal meet for a Doula client or chatting over coffee about their vision for their birth photography. Today I was able to meet with one of my clients for a maternity session. We managed to beat the rain and enjoy the sunshine during this session. 

Heather is 38 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little one. She was fearless, authentic and absolutely stunning against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Pregnancy is always a beautiful, challenging and unique experience for everyone. Listening to Heather's story is always inspiring.

The last few weeks of pregnancy always seem to go on forever; the anticipation and unknown of when you'll get to finally meet your little one is both exciting and challenging. Heather has a beautiful tattoo on her wrist that says "strength" -- how fitting for this pregnant mama during the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

You can see the love she already has for this little babe inside of her through these pictures. It was a joy to photograph Heather today, and now we are all eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of her new bundle.