mom to be

Heather - 38 Weeks


I absolutely love meeting up with my clients before they have their babies. Whether it be for a prenatal meet for a Doula client or chatting over coffee about their vision for their birth photography. Today I was able to meet with one of my clients for a maternity session. We managed to beat the rain and enjoy the sunshine during this session. 

Heather is 38 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little one. She was fearless, authentic and absolutely stunning against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Pregnancy is always a beautiful, challenging and unique experience for everyone. Listening to Heather's story is always inspiring.

The last few weeks of pregnancy always seem to go on forever; the anticipation and unknown of when you'll get to finally meet your little one is both exciting and challenging. Heather has a beautiful tattoo on her wrist that says "strength" -- how fitting for this pregnant mama during the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

You can see the love she already has for this little babe inside of her through these pictures. It was a joy to photograph Heather today, and now we are all eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of her new bundle.