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Postpartum Services

Postpartum is forever but the first 12 weeks are where you start to learn what type of parent you want to be. You also learn that when people say it takes a village it REALLY does! Little Bird is ready to help be apart of that village offering emotional, household, food prep, sleep, feeding, and newborn care support. We require a 4 hours minimum for daytime, and 8 hours for overnight support. 

Daytime Support $35 an hour

Overnight Support $40 an hour

*$5 more an hour for multiples 

Preparing Food

Meal Planning 

Julia has a background in food and it is one of her biggest love languages! Julia offers a grocery store trip, 4 hours of food prep and storage to make your meals and snacks for one week. This will include 4 dinners, 2 breakfasts, snacks and a sweet. We works with all food allergies and dietary restrictions to make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

$150+ the cost of ingredients



Honey I'm Home! $500

You are coming home from the hospital, or it is about a day since you have given birth and you are in need of some help adjusting to your new normal. This package is just for that purpose! Included in this package is 2 doulas caring for you and your family. We will aid in newborn care to allow rest for you and your partner, cook 2 nutrient dense meals for the home, general cleaning and laundry, a care kit for the postpartum person, care for other children in the home as well as pets, and healing teas to aid in a speedy recovery. If you have any questions or need further resources we will make sure you receive that info before we part ways. This is typically 4 hours of care. 


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