All photography provided by Little Bird Birth Services

Hey! I'm Julia. Little Bird Birth Services' story begins in 2014. I attended a prenatal class at Mission Midwifery for part of a Nursing assignment. While at this prenatal class I met a bunch of wonderful Doula's and Midwives. They suggested taking the Birth Doula course through Douglas College; however, due to time and stress of my nursing degree I was unable to. Move forward to 2015 when I became pregnant. I delivered my son in August of 2016 and desperately wanted to have a Birth Doula and Birth Photographer present. Unfortunately, we were unable to make this happen. My midwife was truly amazing--she is the one who inspired me to follow through with my passion and begin my journey to Midwifery. I just completed my Birth Doula training and am looking forward to providing women with the emotional, physical and informational support that I so desperately wanted at my own birth. I feel so honoured to be able to take part in such a sacred time in a woman and family's life. Birth is an absolutely beautiful process, no matter what way it occurs. My career as a Birth Doula is a stepping stone for my way into Midwifery. 

The birth photography aspect of Little Bird Birth Services began long before I even knew about birth photography. As a teenager I always had my camera with me. Photography was a form of expression of self for me and I had dreamed of being a photo-journalist. While my career plans have changed, photography has always remained a passion of mine. Birth photography is specifically close to my heart because it allows me to capture the incredible once in a lifetime moments for families. Birth photography is beautiful, it is raw and it is pure, just as birth is.

By combining these two services, I hope to empower clients to create and fulfil the birth they have always dreamed of. With the support of a Birth Doula, women are much more satisfied with their birth experience. With a Birth Photographer to capture these memories, you can be sure and confident that every tiny detail of your birth experience will be captured.

The instant of birth is exquisite. Pain and joy are one at the moment. Ever after, the dim recollection is so sweet that we speak to our children with such gratitude they never understand.
— Madeline Tiger