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Birth Services

Labor and Birth Doula Package $1500

Sliding scale available for those who need it.

Package includes text/call support from hire and on-call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks!


2-3 Prenatal meetings for you to learn more about us and each other through this excited time in your life. We will do some educational support and help go through your options on how you would like to be supported.  

Attendance for your labor and birth whether you plan on birthing at home or a hospital.


1-2 Postpartum visit within the first week after birth to debrief your experience, connecting your with other recourses, and helping around the home.

We believe that everyone who wants a doula should have the option to have one! If you are interested but are worried about finances please reach out and we will work out a price that will work for both parties.   

We accept HSA/FSA, Nevada Medicaid, and Tricare Insurance.


Traditional Birth Attendants and Wise Women Support $2250

We believe in the magic of a hands-off wild birth experience. We view traditional midwifery/birth attendant care as a way to connect with and honor the women who have come before us and pave the way for generations to come.

We support wild and free births beginning in pregnancy and journeying through until tender postpartum days. We will guide you through resources, monitrice/doula services, virtual, and physical support throughout your childbearing year, by request.

Little Bird Will Include

Unwavering support and knowledge from traditional birth attendants

Monthly prenatal visits with support, education, and guidance

Attendants on call for your birth

Birth support with attendants present

Birth Pool with set up and tear down items (not including pool liner) 

2 postpartum visits 

Postpartum herbal teas, bone broth, and 2 meals 

Breastfeeding support

Virtual or in-person visits are available

The deposit to book this service is $650 and we require the remaining $1600 due by 36 weeks. The total cost of this package is $2250.


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