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Placenta Encapsulation & Bereavement Keepsakes


Placenta Medicine 


Your placenta was the magic organ that supplied your baby with its blood, oxygen, nutrition, and hormones. Once your placenta leaves your body you no longer have that supply of vitamins, minerals, and hormones.


After birth you experience the baby blues for a 2-3 week period, this is the largest drop in hormones your body experience in your life. Bigger than puberty and menopause. Choosing to encapsulate your placenta can help aid in shortening and bringing down the intensity of this experience. Folks also report reduction in postpartum bleeding, increased energy and milk supply, balanced hormones and mood, reduced occurrence of postpartum depression.

When you book placenta services from Little Bird you will receive a print of your placenta, cord keepsake, placenta tincture, and your encapsulated placenta for $250


If you are not interested in consuming your placenta but would enjoy the sentimental pieces Little Bird offers a package that includes a print of your placenta, cord keepsake, and your placenta dehydrated and made into a powder to use as fertilizer for $150

To book placenta services please read, sign the contract, and send it to as well as making a $50 deposit, then we will deliver a transport kit for you to to safely package your placenta once your babes birthday comes around. Please reach out with any questions!


Bereavement Keepsakes



This is a special keepsake that we make for parents who experience an early miscarriage. We can do this keepsake for miscarriages up to 20 weeks gestation, but not past that point. At 20 weeks, the baby will be able to be taken to a funeral home for a traditional cremation.

We are able to process the early miscarriage and turn it into a keepsake that will last for years to come. This is done by cleaning, dehydrating, and "cremating" the remains. The remains are then placed into a 10ml glass jar and sealed with wax.

You have the option to leave some remains in a separate 10ml glass jar if you would like to have them turned into a jewelry piece at a later date.

You also have the option to choose herbs to be placed with the remains. Herbs are used in their folk traditions and practices, such as lavender for harmony and calming the mind and body, parsley for an easy transition into the afterlife and protection for the baby, rose for love, healing, and protection, etc.

Early miscarriages are the most common type of miscarriage and can be difficult to process so we created this keepsake as a way for your baby to be remembered and for you to heal. You're not alone. 

*If you are unable to cover the costs of this service please let us know and we will adjust the price.

**It's important to note that depending on how long it's been stored, its method of storing, and any herbs added to it can change the appearance of your final keepsake. 

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